InfraReady Products

Industrial food ingredients supplier specializing in pre-cooked ready-to-use cereals, legumes and oilseeds for a wide variety of food applications.

Blue Lake Milling

Manufacturers of high-quality Australian oat flakes, flours and brans.

Boysenberries New Zealand

A grower-owned co-operative that promotes and manages the growing of boysenberries.


Australasia’s leading maize milling specialists, dedicated to producing and marketing the finest quality maize food ingredients and corn products.


One-­stop shopping for all sesame seed ingredients, from hulled sesame seed to sesame paste (tahini) to sesame oils.


Premium-­quality dried fruits, nuts, seeds, dehydrated vegetables.

Foods from the Earth

Great tasting, low allergen food solutions.

Green and Gold

The largest single marketer of macadamia nut products in the world.

 Grower Direct Nut Co.

Processors of in-shell, shelled and diced California walnuts.

New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative

Committed to growing the world’s most intensely flavoured, delicious and nutritionally powerful blackcurrants.

Ocean Spray

The world’s largest cranberry company with sales of branded retail consumer products and industrial ingredients in over 50 countries.

RedSun Raisins

Delivering quality sun-dried, South African raisins

Shape Foods Inc.

Premium expeller cold-pressed Conventional and Organic flax oil and meal.

Stahmann Farms

Diversified farming, processing and marketing of pecans and macadamia nuts.


The world’s largest producer of oat fiber for the food industry, JRS fibers can enhance texture, increase yield, extend shelf-­life, and improve strength and flexibility for all kinds of food and beverages.