• InfraReady Products’ relationship with Spectrum Ingredients began in 1998, after meeting at a North American baking show. What was at first a small, mutually advantageous endeavor has become a major business relationship benefiting both companies half a world apart.InfraReady’s philosophy of innovation, quality and commitment, is echoed by Spectrum, where innovation, service and reputation ring through the ASEAN region. InfraReady is pleased to partner with such an honorable and meticulous company and is excited to pursue opportunities together.

    Mr. Mark D. Pickard, President, InfraReady Products (1998) Ltd, Canada

  • Being Dipasa’s principal distributer in the South East Pacific region for over 10 years, Spectrum Ingredients has proven to be a very reliable business partner with a professional approach towards their local market, which resulted in constantly increasing sales and expansion of our mutual business.

    Due to Spectrum Ingredients excellent service and constant efforts throughout the years, our products are nowadays well known and accepted in this region. We at DIPASA are convinced that with the aid of Spectrum Ingredients’ professional staff we will be able to keep creating new opportunities in the future.

    Mr. Thomas Ochmann, Director, Dipasa C.V., Mexico