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Blue Lake Milling
Blue Lake Milling Pty. Ltd. manufactures high quality
Australian oat flakes, flours and brans for both domestic and
export sales.
Dipasa provides one-­‐step shopping for sesame seed
ingredients, from hulled sesame seed to sesame paste
(tahini) and sesame oils.
A supplier of premium-­‐quality dried fruits, nuts, seeds,
dehydrated vegetables in the quantity you require, wherever
and whenever you want.
Ocean Spray
Ocean Spray Cranberries is the world’s largest cranberry
company with sales of branded retail consumer products and
industrial ingredients in over 50 countries.
The World’s Favorite Raisin
SunOpta Ingredients Group
The world’s largest producer of oat fiber for the food
industry, Sun Opta fibers can enhance texture, increase yield,
extend shelf-­‐life, and improve strength and flexibility for all
kinds of food and beverages.
Valley Fig Growers
Valley Fig Growers was established in 1959 and with a
cooperative of 30 grower members, is the largest handler of
figs in North America.