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Purpleberry Wholegrain Blend
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Purpleberry Wholegrain Blend is a unique, naturally-coloured, non-GMO multigrain blend suitable for a variety of applications. It is a blend of two unique ingredients: Canada-grown AnthoGrain™ Wheat and Purple Corn from Peru.

Anthocyanins are the pigments that produce the rich purple, blue or red colors in plants. Studies have shown that anthcyanins can not only help to prevent cancer, but also fight cancerous cells by slowing their growth and in some cases, killing them off entirely. Other studies are revealing their ability to improve cardiovascular health and collagen regeneration, suppress inflammation, lower cholesterol, and fight obesity and diabetes

Purpleberry Wholegrain Blend will not only give a new twist to food products with its attractive colouring, but may also carry a wide range of health benefits.