Our Products

Our products are globally sourced to ensure that our customers have access to the very best ingredients at the most competitive prices. Besides our core ingredients, we also supply a range of organic and gluten-­free items. Our product list is centered on the following categories:

  • Processed Fruits

    We offer an extensive selection in candied, concentrate, dehydrated, diced, dried, frozen, glazed, paste, pitted, powdered and pureed forms.
  • Processed Grains & Pulses

    Many SE Asian industrial bread and biscuits products feature our multigrain blends. We supply an extensive range that also includes pre-­cooked and organic products. Our grains and pulses are available in blends, flours, meals, flaked, kibbled and whole.
  • Processed Nuts & Seeds

    Our nuts are available as shelled kernels (with or without skin), diced, sliced, slivered, or ground into flours, meals and pastes. Our seed varieties come in whole, paste and oil forms.  
  • Superfood Blends & Flours

    We offer high-quality wheat and specialty flours also available in wholegrain and multi-grain blends.
  • Spreads, Pastes & Sweetening Agents

    We supply a range of sweetening alternatives to table sugar, as well as a selection of other fillings to further enhance the flavor of food products.
  • Functional Ingredients

    Our range of pre-­mixes enables easy and fast baking, saving time and expense. Our flour improvers ensure a good-­quality bake and enhance bake flavor, texture, volume and visual appeal.
  • Organic

    Consumer interest in organic foods has been growing steadily due to the perceived health benefits as well as concerns for the natural environment. We offer a range of organic certified products.